Hugo Gellert. People’s Artist

Hugo Gellert. 1892-1985. People’s Artist (call number)

Hugo Gellert. Mary Ryan Gallery. Exhibition Catalogue, 1986 (call number)

About Hugo Gellert

Hugo Gellert. Biographical Timeline (Graphic Witness)

Hugo Gellert Exhibition (Whitney Museum of American Art)

Hugo Gellert papers, 1916-1986. Archives of American Art (The collection has been digitized and is available online via AAA’s website.)

Graphic artist, muralist, and activist Hugo Gellert was born Hugo Grunbaum in Budapest, Hungary in 1892, the oldest of six children. His family immigrated to New York City in 1906, eventually changing their family name to Gellert.

Gellert attended art school at Cooper Union and the National Academy of Design. As a student, he designed posters for movies and theater, and also worked for Tiffany Studios. A number of student art prizes with cash awards enabled him to travel to Europe in the summer of 1914, where he witnessed the outbreak of World War I, an experience which helped shape his political beliefs. (Read more)

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